Kirigami Haptic Swatches demonstrate how kirigami and origami based structures enable sophisticated haptic feedback through simple cut-and-fold fabrication techniques. We leverage four types of geometric patterns: rotational erection system (RES), split-fold waterbomb (SFWB), the overlaid structure of SFWB and RES (SFWB+RES), and cylindrical origami, to render different sets of haptic feedback (i.e. linear, bistable, bouncing snap-through, and rotational force behaviors, respectively). In each structure, not only the form factor but also the force feedback properties can be tuned through geometric parameters. We experimentally analyzed and modeled the structures, and implemented software to automatically generate 2D patterns for desired haptic properties. We also demonstrate five example applications including an assistive custom keyboard, rotational switch, multi-sensory toy, task checklist, and phone accessories. We believe the Kirigami Haptic Swatches helps tinkerers, designers, and even researchers to create interactions that enrich our haptic experience.

Designing Tools


Z. Chang, T. D. Ta, K. Narumi, H. Kim, F. Okuya, D. Li, K. Kato, J. Qi, Y. Miyamoto, K. Saito, and Y. Kawahara, "Kirigami Haptic Swatches: Design Methods for Cut-and-Fold Haptic Feedback Mechanisms", Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI'20), 2020, DOI:10.1145/3313831.3376655

This work was supported by JST ERATO Grant Number JPMJER1501, Japan.

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